International Family Equality Day

On May 1, 2016, LGBTQ family organizations from around the world will join forces, for the fifth time, to increase the international visibility of LGBTQ families.


In 2015, the IFED was celebrated in 32 countries and 67 cities worldwide. Our annual report introduces the organizations involved in IFED as well as the work done by the IFED Committee, and highlights the activities that were held in the different countries to celebrate this day.

Regardless of different legal, political and social circumstances around the world, the dramatic increase in the numbers of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) people choosing to raise children is a global phenomenon.

In July 2011, LGBTQ family activists from around the world gathered for the first ever International Symposium of LGBTQ parenting organizations. The symposium provided an opportunity to establish ongoing international cooperation in areas such as research, visibility and advocacy, and the development of resources and programs for LGBTQ families worldwide. One of the key outcomes was the establishment of the International Family Equality Day, which will take place every year on the first Sunday in May.

By highlighting “FAMILIES WITHOUT BORDES”, NELFA and its partner organizations aim to raise awareness about the urgent need for recognition of rainbow families moving from one country to another.

«People move, as do families.» Yet a legally recognized rainbow family will not necessarily be treated as such when crossing borders. A married Spanish couple with two children might be transformed into two single mothers with no legal ties when moving to Italy. Legally non recognized parents might not get residence and working permits.

We urge states worldwide to respect existing family laws and protect the recognized rainbow families.

We also invite all countries that already recognize rainbow families to join us to celebrate IFED, as a sign of solidarity and visibility of all families, as well as a sign of support for those families who still face discrimination.

The International Family Equality Day (IFED) not only raises awareness of sexual orientation and gender diversity within families, it provides an opportunity for LGBTQ parents and their children to celebrate our families and communities. The IFED is also a sign of solidarity between all families: “Together we are strong!”

Families all over the world are invited to join us in celebrating
the International Family Equality Day on 1 May 2016!




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